TezBox delegation guide

* Disclaimer: Ø Crypto Pool is not responsible for any loss of your coin when you work on any other platform.*

Here is our handy guide to delegating your Tezzies with TezBox wallet, one of the most popular online $XTZ wallets available.

Access the Website

First, access the website: https://wallet.tezbox.com (make sure to verify the URL!).

Create your Tezbox wallet

Creating your Tezbox Wallet is as easy as creating any of the other major cryptocurrency wallets you're probably already familiar with. Upon creation, Tezbox will ask you to write down your seed phrase (a series of 15 unique identifying words). As with all crypto wallets, take extra caution! Remember, if you lose your seed, you lose your tezzies! Tezbox will next ask you to secure your Tezbox wallet with a password for extra security. Complete this and voila! Your wallet is now ready!

Funding the wallet

Your wallet is now created, first, you will need to put some tezzies in your wallet. (your address is under « main » and the format is tz(and 36 characters) Don’t hesitate to make a test sending with a small amount before sending the amount you want to send.

Create a delegating adress

Now that you have funded your wallet, in order to delegate your Tezzies, you will need to create a new type of address. This new address is called your KT address. To create this, simply click on « + add account » (the process carries a cost of 0.25XTZ at the time of writing). After clicking 'OK' on the confirmation screen, wait a short while for your account creation to appear in the Tezos ledger. You'll be notified it is ready when the <<!>> disappears from your Tezbox avatar.

Become an Ø Crypto Pool delegator!

Click on the « delegate » tab for your KT address and select « custom » to choose your delegate. Enter our address: tz1KtvGSYU5hdKD288a1koTBURWYuADJGrLE. Then, click on « update delegation ». It will take few minutes before we’re linked as a delegate and delegator, however, searching your address on TzScan will verify that the procedure has successfully completed.

Put your tezzies to work!

And so we reach the final stage of the journey! Head back to your main account (the first address to which your first deposited your $XTZ). Select the « send » tab. Into the << address >> tab, input your « KT address » (your delegating account). Then, enter the amount you wish to put in delegation and click send! You’re done, time to sit back and watch the Tezzies roll in!

Check if it is all good and how much you earn

You can go on our Dashboard tab and type your "KT address" to check how much you've earn and if all is right. (you should see "This contract is delegated to OCryptoPool" if everything is OK with your delegation on our side.) Like we said on the homepage, we're totally transparent.

Thanks again to TezBox and TzScan for all of their incredible work!
Remember, when you delegate, we never have any control over your assets!

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