Got more questions about getting started? Here are some we think might help, but if yours isn’t on the list then why not ask us on our Discord.

How do you guarantee high availability?
We achieve high availability by providing redundancy for all levels of our baking architecture. We run multiple nodes, bakers and signatories to ensure that no single point of failure can compromise our availability.
How secure is your infrastructure?
Our security is based on two factors: First, signers use a state of the art distributed HSM (Hardware Security Module) design in order to ensure high availability. HSM modules that comprise the architecture are spread around the world and no single point contain sufficient information to recover our private key information. Second, we use an architecture comprising both public and private networks of nodes so that it is hard to locate where our signing sites are located.
How is calculated the custody rewards?
We offer up to 6% on your basic reward, based on the costs recovered with this new available capacity. The calculation is simple and you will have the possibility to check it on our simulator very soon. If you send us your XTZ for custody, on the one hand you will have your dynamic reward of delegate (without any fee apply on it) on the other hand, thanks to the delegation capacity you give us with custody, we offer you 60% of the fees applied by the pool on rewards provided to users who delegate. The percentage is therefore calculated according to the filling of the pool.

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