About Us


The team is an subsidiary service of Ø Crypto Union and is an alliance between three different companies. Ø Crypto Union, who’s specialized in financial services and aims to be the first crypto credit union with full licenses, aDapp who’s specialized in node managing and high-level security network, and a third actor Tezos Mills, that is specialized in Tezos protocol.

We have the desire to make baking and delegate staking as easy as clicking on a button. And we want that the static baking money goes into live thanks to crypto-backed loans.




Adli is chief strategic officer at Ø Crypto Union. He has an extended experience of cryptocurrencies since 2013. He is also involved in a consulting firm, is chairman of the largest non-profit organisation about cryptocurrencies in French-speaking countries, and he wrote books.



Adrien is Adapp Founder. He is a node operator since 2015 for several blockchain protocols. He’s an expert on scalability and availability problematics. He found an early interest in the Tezos protocol and want to participate to the network.



Fabien Dureuil is the founder and CEO of Ø Crypto Union. He has a strong background and experience in traditional finance. As an explorer, he jumps into the crypto world in 2016 with the goal of interconnecting the world of the crypto and the financial world.


Guillem RIEU

Guillem developed an enthusiastic interest in cryptocurrencies as they emerged. He studied computer science in French university and specialised in functional programming. During the last ten years, he has worked in multiple startups using the OCaml programming language, including Tezos and OCamlPro.



Born in France, studied Physics (B.Sc.) then Computer Science (M.Sc) in Paris. Developed a passion for functional programming and specifically the OCaml language over the years. Fascinated by Bitcoin around 2011, Tezos was a natural fit. He is looking forward to witness what functional programming and formal verification techniques will bring to the space, and ultimately how blockchains will provide unprecedented levels of interaction in business and beyond.

But, that’s not all. The team can count on multiple resources of each company when needed.




Based in Lille, France. Adapp is a french company working on managing networks of nodes to enable Blockchain development. They focus on easy setup, safety and production requirement to provide to their users the power of available Decentralized Technologies.


Ø Crypto Union

Ø Crypto Union is a versatile range of expertly crafted inancial services designed for the
crypto-economy. With core values of trust and transparency, Ø is built as a Union, allowing
you to become a shareholder and be part of the revolution.


Tezos Mills

Tezos Mills is a co-operative of independent individuals with hands-on knowledge in blockchain and Tezos technologies. For Ø Crypto they develop ad-hoc security solutions and advanced software to ensure a secure and smooth baking operation with user friendly reporting.